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Contract Marketer I am a St. Louis marketer with an aptitude for media, content marketing, and B2B demand generation strategy. My forte is digging deep into a business and solving problems using never-been-done-before solutions. I am currently CEO of ClubVision where we developed technology to produce live music video at scale. I also market a NextGen Firewall as the contract marketing director for TechGuard Security. See how I use technology and the collective smarts of a team to solve problems…

Q: What do you do when you are newly single and sick of driving across town to empty bars (besides join

 A: Raise $220,000 cash, attract the best developers in St. Louis as your two co-founders, sign the top nightclub in Los Angeles, and solve the number one problem in live video: How to produce TV-quality live video content at scale. 

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Q: What do you do when you are marketing a medical device and you realize every plastic surgeon has visitors reading scrolling, mind-numbing copy to sell their services? 

A: Raise $50,000 from six surgeons, source a developer, 3D animation firm, and video delivery network to lease rich media players that demystify surgery and move visitors in a way that results in a scheduled consultation.

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Q: What do you do as a marketing manager when you need to move your premium elliptical line (sold in 350 independent stores) and your budget is only $20,000?

A: Help drive sales forty percent above FY07 plan. How? Birth the mix3 workout, create the first 360 product demos in fitness, give the microsites to dealers for use on their own websites, and reward Tier One dealers with POP LCD displays to play this video on the floor.

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Q: What do you do (fresh out of college) when your aunt has squirrels running across her above-ground power line and eating into her attic?

A: Fix the problem with your Dad, a bucket lid, and PVC pipe (laugh if you want), learn squirrels are the 3rd leading cause of power outages, raise $110,000 to engineer the product, and in four years sell 20,000 guards to the largest utilities in the U.S.

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